About Angry Grunt Beard Company

I am just a Grunt that knew he would be #beardedup after my retirement of 27 years of service. There were very few times during that 27 years that I was afforded the opportunity to grow facial hair much less a full-on beard.  

My story is probably very similar to every other Angry Grunt; what to do with all this new growth? I am one that has very coarse beard hair so I started buying different beard products. I found that a lot of product ended up having a lot of unnecessary harsh ingredients that just did not work for me. When ingredients have a scientific name with numbers then it doesn't belong in your beard. 

So my journey began. 


I did research on the different carrier oils and what they could provide and what essentials best paired with them. Once I had a combination that worked we did a test batch and sent them out to my #bearded friends to test. That feedback was then used to refine the products we have today. 


 We plan on making natural products that care about the person using them. An organic product will be used when available from a reputable source. The use of locally grown products will always be a priority so we can support our local communities. 

 We always have an eye on the market and what it supports but our core will always be the Angry Grunts and their beards.